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    Common Questions.

    Q: Do I need to ask for permission to use a specific rankset?

    • A: No, you do not need to ask for permission to use ranksets off this site. Kuro-RPG does request you put a link back to the site somewhere on your site in appreciation for our collective efforts.

    Q: I found a bug on the site. Should I report it?

    • A: If you found it, odds are others have too. PLEASE report is ASAP. Even if Kuro whines and complains, it will be looked into since it affects the performance of the site.

    Q: Kuro-RPG uses new "Layered" Ranksets. How can they be applied?

    • A: They were primarily designed for use with the NOVA3 Simm Programs, though they also work with wiki sites. Information for that can be found at the top of the Kuro Ranks page.

    Q: What happens if I do not leave an email address to respond to when I contact you?

    • A: In that case, the answer will have to posted on the website.

    Q: What if I have a problem with registration or I do not receive an email for completing it?

    • A: In very rare cases, the server may have a problem sending an email off to an address. If you find it is taking too long to receive one, drop me a line with the account name and I can manually set your account to registered.

    Q: Is it okay if I contact you for the sole purpose of harvesting an email address upon reply so I can use it to send you spam, viruses and other unwanted material?

    • A: Do that and I will toss your account out the door at record speed! I will not tolerate any malicious attempts to subvert my domain like that.