Website Policies
This covers information related to the Website Policies listed on Kuro-RPG. If any additional information should be included here, please use the contact page.

~ Kuro-chan

Kuro-RPG operates a "No Advertising" site for any public-based ads. scripts and services. This includes templates like Google Ads. and such. There are no plans to ever add them on at any given point for a number of reasons:
  • Kuro-RPG is able to handle the costs of the site through Kuro-chan's paycheque combined with the many donations that come through to assist.
  • Advertising takes up a considerable amount of screen space; less space is available to post important content on the site (Like the many "Kuro Girl" sprites which flood each page).
  • Bandwidth. Advertising soaks up bandwidth. Many of them are obsessed with being flash movies and other complex scripts that keep rotating new stuff around. A single flash ad. could require more bandwidth than a whole run of page loads off my site. Kuro-RPG is not interested in consuming such quantities of bandwidth. Some of the site's traffic has to be careful with bandwidth caps and this site respects that.
  • Kuro has read reports on how Google ads is used as a means of tracking an IP's activity and movements. Kuro-RPG makes no such attempts.
  • Kuro has also read up on associating with "Ad Sense" and how it operates as the equivalent of a scam: Making accounts and agreements with users to pay based on how often their traffic would click on banners. However, unless your site was for a big corporation, you would find your account would get cancelled right before payday, wasting your efforts, the bandwidth of your customers and enriching the pockets of someone else who did absolutely no work for it. Kuro-RPG will never participate in such atrocious practices.
IP Addresses
Kuro-RPG does not permanently store IP addresses for any reason. A script is setup to temporarily hold an IP address on a database to show how many browsers are currently viewing the site (That information is inaccessible on the website). The script will remove an IP from that database after 5 minutes of inactivity.
User Accounts.
Kuro-RPG takes a serious and somewhat impersonal approach to user accounts, attempting to minimize the requirements necessary to create one. Kuro-RPG:
  • Respects user account information and does not give that information out to anyone.
  • Does not request any private information, save for an email which is used to verify that a registered account is legit.
  • Is not responsible for user passwords. There is a system in place to help someone reset their password if it becomes lost/forgotten, as Kuro-RPG does not store them.
  • Does not permanently store and track critical information about users, including IP addresses, browser settings and passwords. Any information provided by a user is on a volunteer basis.
Source Code
Kuro-RPG (the website itself) is coded entirely from scratch, using basic text editors.
  • Kuro-RPG does not pull source code from other sites (For example: Connecting to google-analytics or yahooapis), nor does it send out any code or information. All the scripts and coding created are internal-only. The only exception is the IRC channel.
  • Kuro-RPG's use of Javascript is for site organization, effect and mini-game fun. Kuro-RPG makes no effort to install anything onto your computer. Kuro-chan is quite understanding in why someone would prefer not to run javascript, which is why this declaration has been made, to let users know, "Hey, this is safe to run!".
  • There are no back doors scripted into the code; no easy way to access any information contained on this site.
  • The address bar content is designed to work with whatever is submitted to it through internal links. Attempts to manually manipulate it may result in you getting bounced back to the main page.