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Flash / Emperor / Metroid Remix Demo #2
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~ Kuro-chan

Website: Metroid Remix
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General Audience
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18.4 MB
Downloaded 24 times
Comments:The second demo of Metroid Remix, this version features many new powerups, rooms, and customization features. Metroid Remix is a remake of the first metroid game, but done in an original style in a way different from the official Metroid Zero Mission. This demo is fairly open-ended, and contains two finished areas, part of the "Kraid" area, and a secret, demo only area. Completing the special area will "finish" the demo, though like other metroid games, item hunting is encouraged afterward.

--- Controls ---

All controls are entirely customizable from within the game.

Arrow Keys: Movement

Shift: Aim Diagonally

X Key: Fire weapon, toggle weapons in inventory screen

Z Key: Jump

S Key: Switch to Missiles

Space bar: Pause

--- Notes ---

Before playing, make sure to extract the full contents of the zip to a folder. Otherwise, the game won't run. Unfortunately, this demo is also not Mac compatible. Mac support in the future is unlikely.