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Title Version Comments Size No. of Images No. of Downloads Rating
Disney Empire and Disney Cruise Lines
United Federation of Planets department seals
mk4500 x 500113564.2
Claymore Manga Set, Updated Ghosts
This is the manga version, not the anime version. This covers the updates to the "Ghost" emblems found in issue #130 of the manga.100x100774
Claymore, Manga Set
100 x 10010717N/A
Claymore, Fanon Set.
1.0Fanmade set100 x 10030015N/A
Brotherhood of Steel
Federation Department of Defense Seal
500 x 4992435
Claymore, Anime Set
2.0This is the anime version.100 x 1004819N/A
Claymore, EG Forums Set
1.0Fanmade / EG Forum set100 x 1004710N/A
1.0Old addition, has manga and anime elements.100 x 6022510N/A