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The following are the ranksets that Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG has made. The opinions and content expressed in the movies are not related to the founder or users of Kuro-RPG. All content is copyrighted by their respectful owners. The Artist assumes all risks associated with the content and messages used. The user assumes all risks with viewing the available material.

Attention NOVA 3 Users: These ranksets can also be implemented on wiki sites. Please access The Star Trek Expanded Universe Tutorial on how to set things up. Thank you to Kevin W. for the critical write-up.

~ Kuro-chan

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  • Some of the ranks presented are established in the series as canon while others are assumptions, based on a minimal enlisted system used in military establishments.
  • Many of the backgrounds included are non-canon (White, Black, Brown). The silver pips are also non-canon.
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    Enlisted / NCO Ranks
    E-1 = Private / Seaman
    E-2 = Corporal / Leading Seaman
    E-3 = Sergeant / Petty Officer
    E-4 = Sergeant Major / Chief Petty Officer
    Line Officer Ranks
    O-1 = 2nd Lieutenant / Ensign
    O-2 = 1st Lieutenant / Lieutenant J.G.
    O-3 = Marine Captain / Lieutenant
    O-4 = Major / Lt. Commander
    O-5 = Lt. Colonel / Commander
    O-6 = Colonel / Captain
    Flag Officer Ranks
    O-7 = Brigadier General / Rear Admiral L.H.
    O-8 = Major General / Rear Admiral U.H.
    O-9 = Lieutenant General / Vice Admiral
    O-10 = General / Admiral
    O-11 = Commander-in-Chief

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